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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Technical Writing Assignment

ok, tetiba plak terasa nk mintak tlg kwn2 betulkan kesalahan karangan aku.. kena submit ari isnin ni... so, smntara ada ksempatan ni nk mintk tlg kwn2 yg terer english betulkan mna yg patut...hehe..

kna buat karangan tajuk my hobby.. n ofcourse la hobi aku blogging kn... tlg ye kwn2... :)


Every day, more and more blogs are growing like mushrooms after rain. Maybe this is good for us because they are indirectly also cheer the blogging world. Some people blogging for their income and some of them just blogging as their hobbies. I also interest in blogging world and make blogging as my hobby. Why I am interested in blogging? I would tell the reason why I make this kind of online writing as my hobby.

The first reason is about delivering emotion. Blog are made as place to express my feelings or thought after having a whole day facing many things involving my study, my friend or my family. I more like to express my feelings to my blog rather than telling other people about my problems or what so ever happen in my life. I make my blog as my official diary. It’s more satisfied to me to write every night before going to bed.

What is so interesting to me is when I read back my entries that I wrote from the first entry until the current entry. It can make me laughing remind me about my life before. Although this is my official diary, but I’m not write something that very private. I don’t want anybody take some advantage from my writing to drop me. I need to be careful about my entries.

Secondly, blog is an ideal place to share some kind of knowledge and interests. As an example, I like very much about IT, and I would share my interest with my friends in blogging world. They are free to comments my entry or give me some idea about the IT. As well as other interests like music, health, gossip and others. Totally these kinds of exchange the ideas will benefit all of us and increase our knowledge. Besides that, as a blogger I will also can build up my self confidence by give some opinions. I love to discuss about the current issues.

Other than that, as a blogger I also can make some money by advertise some sort of advertisement such as from nuffnang and others. It can more successfully if I can get the more visitors on my blog every day. It’s so simple. You don’t have to do anything just put your advertisement on your blog and tell your friend to click that advertisement and you will get some advance. Besides that I also can find many online businesses that may be one day I will need that.

Lastly, why I like about blogging is because I can make my own page as I wish. I can decorate my blog as I like and will satisfy with that. I can make my own layout, background, and header, put my pictures and everything. I also like to see others blogger’s page. I like to see their creativity on decorate their own blog.

There’s more interesting about blogging but I have to be careful also because there are also disadvantage about the blogging world.

p/s : maklum le aku xpndai english..dh berkarat dh rasa skill karangan aku...hehe..

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